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Here’s how it works

Step 1

Let‘s chit-chat so that I can get to know your needs better.

Step 2

While we’re chatting, I’ll share the information with our insurance partner to put together the best possible rate and coverages for you.

Step 3

Instantly I will propose you the offer that best matches your needs.

Step 4

Shortly after, I will have you set up with a tailored insurance policy and will email you all the necessary documents. That's it.

It doesn’t stop there. I can also perform other tasks like:

Answer any questions you could have about your insurance.

Connect you with a human colleague if you need more information.

Help you process a claim by gathering all the information needed.

Soon, I’ll be able to assist you with most policy modifications.

When you want it, the way you want it

Chat with Ava using the communication channel of your choice.

Facebook Messenger

Visit Konneko’s Facebook page and start chatting with Ava to insure your vehicle.


Text Ava at 1-833-KONNEKO to get covered right away.

Google Assistant

Say: Ok Google, connect me with Konneko! And Ava will take it from there.

Why Konneko

Konneko was created to help put you in control of your car insurance.

Save Time

Fast and efficient. We’ll get you covered in minutes.

Save Money

We will maximize your savings without minimizing your coverage.

Expert Advice

Our technology will help you be well insured, but you can talk to a real broker at any time.

Avaiable 24/7

Get an insurance quote or make a claim at anytime.

Safe & Secure

We take your privacy very seriously. Any information you provide is well secured.

Customer service

With Ava handling the tedious tasks, our experienced brokers have more time for you.

About Konneko

Konneko is an innovative car insurance solution built and backed by GC Assurances, a well established insurance brokerage firm. GC Assurances firmly believe that technology can be leveraged to improve customer service in the insurance industry.

In order to develop Konneko, we partnered with Aviva, one of the most reputable insurance companies in Canada. Together we’re able to provide you with fast and personalized insurance coverage.

By using natural language processing, we created Ava, a highly intelligent virtual insurance agent. Ava can help you purchase and manage insurance coverage and claims simply by chatting with you.

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